To be established as one of the top Bicycle Manufacturing companies in the World and provide innovative and quality products to our customers.

To be a profitable provider of high quality bicycles that provide value to our customers and create a company that can attract, recruit and retain smart and talented employees.

Short-Term Objectives

  • Boost sales through repeat purchases.
  • Augment our after sales service.
  • Reduce cost of production to give a better pricing to our customers.
  • Introducing existing products into new markets.
  • Introducing new products into existing markets.
  • Strengthening our dealer network.

Long-Term Objectives

  • To build a rapport among our customers through Total Customer Satisfaction.
  • To deliver safe and comfortable products to our customers.
  • To maximize our shareholder’s wealth.
  • To be a global and socially responsible company.
  • To diversify into newer markets and newer product portfolios